New searchable lists

Reepay contains large amounts of data and now we have made it easier to find payment methods with the payment methods list page and transactions with the transactions list page🤩

You can find the Payment Methods list page under Customers in the menu. The new page includes several filters which give you the option to make hundreds of search combinations. Below is a very simple example where the filter Card type: Visa is used.

The Transactions list page can be found under Payments where Invoices also are to be found now. An invoice can consist of multiple transactions and instead of searching for an invoice and then trying to find the transactions, we have made it possible to find transactions right away. Use the filters to narrow down the transactions you are looking for like below where we have used Payment Type: MobilePay and Amount: 100-125.

Although the new filters offer a lot of options, they may require a few clicks to use. Therefore, we are going to look into some quick searches 🙂