Dunning grace period

Dunning plans can now be configured with an optional grace period before the dunning process starts. During the grace period retrying will be performed if the payment method has suffered a potentially recoverable soft decline, e.g. insufficient funds. It can be configured if dunning should start immediately for irrecoverable hard declines, e.g. expired credit card.

The grace period can be configured for dunning plans in the Administration: Configuration → Dunning Management

Cheers, Reepay

Support for Klarna Pay Later and Klarna Pay Now

Reepay now supports Klarna Pay Later and Klarna Pay Now as payment types for one-off payments. Contact Reepay support at support@reepay.com to get started with Klarna payments.

Cheers, Reepay

Forbrugsforeningen card

Reepay now supports Forbrugsforeningen card type with Acquirer Nets.

Subscription discount searching

It is now possible to search for subscriptions with certain discounts in the Administration and with the API.

Subscriptions can be searched by providing subscription discount handle or discount handle. When providing subscription discount handle all subscriptions with an attached subscription discount with that handle will be returned. When providing discount handle all subscriptions with subscription discounts created from the referenced discount will be returned.

Both in the Administration and through the API it can be defined whether to only return subscriptions for which the subscription discount is still active.

In the Administration a custom filter can be made to search with discount. The API documentation can be found here: https://reference.reepay.com/api/#get-list-of-subscriptions

Cheers, Reepay

Resource metadata

Reepay introduces resource metadata. It is now possible to store JSON metadata for the following resources:

  • Customer
  • Subscription
  • Plan
  • Add-on
  • Invoice

Metadata can be used to store additional resource data important to your business. E.g. shoe size for customer or product entitlement on a plan. Read more about it in our API documentation: https://reference.reepay.com/api/#metadata

Prestashop and OpenCart 2.0 is there

The Payment Gateway is now available for easy integration to Prestashop.

Go get it here Prestashop I OpenCart 2.0

Third party plugins

Disclaimer: Please contact the respective developers for the operation of the particular plugin, as Reepay is not responsible.

Shopify - here we go!

Easy integration to Shopify with costume made plugin for Reepay.

Get the easy guide to install it here: Support for Shopify