New user groups

User groups in the administration have been changed to better accommodate for the needs of our customers. The new user groups are more intuitive as they more closely relates to the functionality accessible in the left menu. It is also possible to define more fine grained permissions, e.g. whether specifically refunding is allowed. The screendump below shows the new user group edit dialog.

Support for Klarna Pay Later and Klarna Pay Now

Reepay now supports Klarna Pay Later and Klarna Pay Now as payment types for one-off payments. Contact Reepay support at to get started with Klarna payments.

Cheers, Reepay

Metadata in mails

It is now possible to access metadata in mail templates. E.g. if customer metadata contains shoe_size key and value it can be accessed in the template as:


Metadata is available as


and add-on metadata as a parameter in the list of subscription add-ons subscription.add_ons[].metadata. Example iterating through subscription add-ons:

Name: {{name}}<br/>
License plate: {{metadata.plate}}<br/>

For details on Mustache templating see:

Webhook overview select all

In the Administration webhook overview it is now possible to select all (only up to 100 though) webhooks and perform update, resend or disable operation.

Webhook disable bug

A bug preventing to disable retrying webhooks has been squashed.

Refunds allow negative amount credit note lines

It is now possible to define credit note lines with negative amount as long as the total refund amount is positive.

Administration fixes

A couple of fixes for the Administration

  • Copy customer email button did not work in all cases and long email removed the button
  • Now possible to cancel an invoice in state `created`

Checkout modal cancel change

It has been changed so a Checkout session in modal is not cancelled and closed if the user clicks outside the payment frame.

Woocommerce Checkout Plugin updates

Two versions released:

  • 1.1.7 - Woo Subscriptions improvements
  • 1.1.6 - Fixed subscription renewal

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