WooCommerce Reepay Plugin Release v. 1.1.24

We have just released v. 1.1.24 of our WooCommerce plugin.

- The plugin uses a new method to update order statuses, which conclusively captures order statuses faster and with greater certainty.

*Here is how: When a costumer reaches the accept or cancel url, we make sure that the true order status from your Reepay dashboard correspond to the chosen WooCommerce order status in your Reepay WooCommerce plugin setting. If the Costumer somehow does not reach the accept or cancel url there will be sent a webhook from Reepay which then changes the order status.

Important! - PrestaShop Reepay Plugin v. 1.0.6

We have updated our PrestaShop plugin! It's important you upgrade to the newest version. Here is why:

- Get notifications directly in the PrestaShop admin every time the Reepay PrestaShop Plugin can be updated

- Improved usability in Reepay PrestaShop Plugin settings

See also our new PrestaShop landing page and guide here: https://reepay.com/prestashop-plugin/

WooCommerce Reepay plugin v. 1.1.20

We have updated our WooCommerce plugin!

Now you can:

- Create manual orders in your WooCommerce backend (one-time and recurring)

- Show ApplePay logo in the proceed to checkout window

- Support PDF Product Vouchers


- Settle problems with WooCommerce Subscriptions

PDF Product Vouchers: https://woocommerce.com/products/pdf-product-vouchers/

Apple Pay

We now support one of the best payment methods for fast checkout and better conversion.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that allows users to pay online and in person. With our new integration for Apple Pay, you can increase your conversion by offering the extremely simplified payment experience, that Apple Pay provides.

We do not charge you any additional cost for the use og Apple Pay. You only pay your existing payment gateway and acquiring fees.

Activate Apple Pay today by logging in to your Reepay Dashboard and follow this guide: https://intercom.help/reepay/en/articles/3328290-how-to-configure-apple-pay

Cheers, Reepay

Customer initiated payments with saved cards

When charging a customer, where the customer is present in the payment flow (Customer Initiated Transaction), coming PSD2 regulations require that the card holder is strongly authenticated (e.g. 3D Secure), except for some exemption cases. Read more about PSD2 here: https://blog.reepay.com/psd2-strong-customer-authentication/ This will affect the use of saved cards for easy checkouts, as the card cannot be used without Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the card holder present scenario.

To remedy this, Reepay Checkout now offers an option to start a checkout charge session with a saved card (card-on-file). The customer will be sent directly to Strong Customer Authentication and directly back afterwards with success or error indication. In some cases SCA is not necessary, so the customer will not be prompted with any request for information during the payment session. See: https://docs.reepay.com/reference#card-on-file

Notice that Merchant Initiated Transactions, that is payments initiated by the merchant (or a party acting on behalf of the merchant - e.g. Reepay), where the customer is not present in the payment flow, are out-of-scope for SCA. In this scenario payments with saved cards can still be performed using the Charge API (https://reference.reepay.com/api/#charge).

Cheers, Reepay


Reepay now supports PayPal as a payment method for one-off payments.

According to several surveys, 59% of PayPal users have abandoned a transaction because PayPal wasn’t there.

Businesses can establish trust with consumers by offering preferred payment methods; 44% are more likely to trust and shop with businesses with a preferred payment provider and good payments process.

To setup PayPal follow this help article: https://intercom.help/reepay/en/articles/3315950-how-to-configure-paypal

Cheers, Reepay

SCA support in hosted pages and Reepay Token

In preparation for the coming PSD2 regulatory changes (September 14th), Reepay hosted pages and Reepay Token now supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) (3D Secure and Dankort Secured by Nets).

No action is required by you as a merchant. SCA will be enabled by us for all merchants, not already using SCA for Checkout, before September 14th.

Dunning grace period

Dunning plans can now be configured with an optional grace period before the dunning process starts. During the grace period retrying will be performed if the payment method has suffered a potentially recoverable soft decline, e.g. insufficient funds. It can be configured if dunning should start immediately for irrecoverable hard declines, e.g. expired credit card.

The grace period can be configured for dunning plans in the Administration: Configuration → Dunning Management

Cheers, Reepay

New user groups

User groups in the administration have been changed to better accommodate for the needs of our customers. The new user groups are more intuitive as they more closely relates to the functionality accessible in the left menu. It is also possible to define more fine grained permissions, e.g. whether specifically refunding is allowed. The screendump below shows the new user group edit dialog.

Support for Klarna Pay Later and Klarna Pay Now

Reepay now supports Klarna Pay Later and Klarna Pay Now as payment types for one-off payments. Contact Reepay support at support@reepay.com to get started with Klarna payments.

Cheers, Reepay

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