New payment method added event type

A new event type (`customer_payment_method_added`) has been added for the event that a new payment method has been added to customer. The event can be used with webhook to register payment method after a Checkout recurring session flow, or a charge flow, with the option to store payment method for later use.

To receive the webhook the event type must be selected in webhook configuration. This can be done either in the Administration or using the API.

Forbrugsforeningen card

Reepay now supports Forbrugsforeningen card type with Acquirer Nets.

Subscription discount searching

It is now possible to search for subscriptions with certain discounts in the Administration and with the API.

Subscriptions can be searched by providing subscription discount handle or discount handle. When providing subscription discount handle all subscriptions with an attached subscription discount with that handle will be returned. When providing discount handle all subscriptions with subscription discounts created from the referenced discount will be returned.

Both in the Administration and through the API it can be defined whether to only return subscriptions for which the subscription discount is still active.

In the Administration a custom filter can be made to search with discount. The API documentation can be found here:

Cheers, Reepay

Resource metadata

Reepay introduces resource metadata. It is now possible to store JSON metadata for the following resources:

  • Customer
  • Subscription
  • Plan
  • Add-on
  • Invoice

Metadata can be used to store additional resource data important to your business. E.g. shoe size for customer or product entitlement on a plan. Read more about it in our API documentation:

User invite cancel

It is now possible cancel a pending user invitation in the administration.

Add-on list search

It is now possible to free text search in add-ons on the add-on administration page. Text is matched with handle, name and description.

Add-on selection on subscription create and edit

In the administration when creating or editing a subscription, it is now possible to handle a large number of add-ons. Add-ons to be added can be searched with text matching in handle, name and description.

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